Juvederm is a long line of fillers, like the Restylane family, that was a workhorse of the dermal filler world.  I personally have not found a good use of Juvederm Ultra and Juvederm Ultra+ in my practice, as I think that there are just better options out there that last longer, are more economical, and work better.  
We offer a trim line of Juvederm products, as their latest generation of fillers is a solid line that has overcome many of the obstacles of their original offerings.  

Juvederm Voluma

Voluma is a standalone product because it has been proven to last for two years when used in the cheeks.  This is a very big deal, as no other filler to date has these bragging rights.  Priced above its main competitor, Restylane Lyft, it does become a more economical product when you consider that it lasts up to twice as long.  Voluma is not as “stiff” as Restylane Lyft, but it does a great job when used to accentuate already high cheek bones or to generally restore facial volume that has been lost with time.  

Juvederm Volbella

Volbella is a welcome addition to the lip filler world.  Volbella is the longest lasting filler for lips and has proven longevity for one year.  Having the bragging rights to be the longest lasting filler in the lips, which an increasing number of people are seeking, is impressive.  It delivers great results when injected by an experienced injector, and also works well with lip lines, or “smoker’s lines”.  It can be injected superficially to give a “hydrated” look, or deeper to give more volume augmentation to thinning lips.  It is the only filler offered at Nuance Facial Plastics that is supplied as a 0.5cc syringe, which I personally prefer, as the subtle augmentation that it offers is what I find my patients are looking for.  

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