The signs of premature aging, such as dark circles under the eyes, sagging upper and lower eyelids, fine lines, and wrinkles, can make you look tired and less engaged. Blepharoplasty (eyelid lift) is the recommended and most often preferred treatment for improving droopy eyelids or removing bags under the eyes. These aging eye conditions can add years to your appearance and even impair your vision. More often than wanting a more “youthful” look, we find that our patients want a more “rested” or “happy” look, which eyelid rejuvenation addresses well.  Many patients report feeling more light entering their eyes, and an improvement in peripheral vision that they did not realize they had lost.

Our patient examples below show results from upper blepharoplasty.  Please take your time with the sliders and try to see what they saw in the mirror: faces that looked “unhappy”, “tired”, “old”, or were just a poor match for the energy that they felt.   See the difference that the whole face takes when the eyes have a more “engaged” look.

Patient picture before upper eyelid lift blepharoplastyPatient picture after upper eyelid lift blepharoplasty
patient picture before upper eyelid lift blepharoplastypatient picture after upper eyelid lift blepharoplasty





How is Eyelid Lift Surgery performed?

Dr. Kundaria will make well-planned incisions along the natural lines of your eyelids, which results in minimal scarring in the upper eyelid.  The procedure involves the removal of excess skin from the upper eyelids, and Dr. Kundaria may remove fat and tighten muscle to help you attain a fresher, more alert—yet completely natural—eye expression.  Surgery is typically performed with local anesthesia (numbing injections like a dental procedure) in the office, though it can also be performed in an operating room if the patient prefers that setting.

What is the recovery time after Eyelid Lift Surgery?

Usually, you will be ready to return to work or normal activities in 7 to 14 days. Most patients are back to their normal routine within days, although complete recovery may take a few weeks. If you notice how your drooping eyelids and puffy or hollow under eye areas may be adding years to your age, ask Dr. Kundaria how an upper blepharoplasty (eyelid lift) can help you. We can reassure you by showing you our patients’ before-and-after pictures that Dr. Kundaria will take an artistic approach and will personalize the surgery and any non-surgical services to be right for your unique face.

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