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Thank you for stopping by to check out our results!  I wanted to write an introduction letter to you so that you can better frame your time with us.  Below is a small sample of the treatments that some patients have had with us, and we wanted to thank them for allowing us to use their pictures.  We try very hard to give you realistic imagery that is reproducible, and that means taking pictures with people not smiling and largely unflattering lighting conditions.  The facial expressions in these pictures are flat, which helps with the consistency of our images but does not convey the feeling that the patients have about their treatment well.

Also, faces are intensely personal parts of ourselves.  This is an important idea to keep in mind as you look at these pictures, as some results are ones that you can see from a distance or immediately, and others may not be as obvious, and take a little more time to discern.  In the face, small things matter, and subtle changes can do a lot for a person.

As you look at our gallery, I urge you to empathize with our patients and imagine that their face is yours.  Imagine the way you would feel if you had a troublesome area improved in the way that our patients did, and how that would impact your image of yourself.  Not every result is a big difference to an observer’s eyes, though I can assure you that every result that we show here has had a large impact on the people we have treated.

Summit Kundaria, MD
Director, Nuance Facial Plastics

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