Dr. Summit Kundaria

Summit Kundaria is a board certified surgeon that completed an accredited fellowship in Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery in California.  During training, he had the opportunity to train with renowned facial plastic surgeons that specialized in surgery to address the aging face, nose, eyelids, and laser surgery.  He founded Nuance Facial Plastics in Charlotte, NC, to be a unique practice that focuses not only on the cosmetic complaints of patients, but also to address the emotions that the looks evoke.  For example, rather than wanting to erase 10 years of aging, he focuses on changes that can make so that people look “less tired” or “more happy”.  This focus helps him address the core of the issue, and deliver more thoughtful care.


Dr. Kundaria grew up on the Central Coast of California and later attended Stanford University, where he earned undergraduate and graduate degrees in Chemical Engineering.  After graduating, he spent a year volunteering with an organization based in Mumbai, India, that worked with inner city youth and human trafficking.  The lessons he learned from that life changing experience are applied in his everyday life as well as the mission of Nuance Facial Plastics.  His care for victims of domestic violence and trauma, as well as his involvement in local charities, are rooted in his sense of service.

His medical training started at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, and he stayed at the University of Pittsburgh for a five-year residency in its top-ranked program Head and Neck Surgery. After Residency, he stayed as faculty for one year, before moving to California, for a fellowship in Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.  There, his education and practice consisted of rigorous training in surgical facial rejuvenation and rhinoplasty, as well as oculoplastic and hair surgery. Over the course of his training, he has presented at national and international meetings, authored and co-authored multiple peer-reviewed articles and book chapters.


Summit Kundaria has personal interests in photography and reef keeping.  The intersection of these two hobbies can be seen in the waiting room at Nuance Facial Plastics, where his pictures of corals from his aquarium are displayed on the walls of the waiting room, as well as a live reef display.  His interest in photography also helps him uniquely address patients that seek consultation about their appearance in pictures.  Whether they are casual selfies or studio portraits of professional models, photography plays a large role in his practice.  For example, he analyzes patient photographs in different lighting conditions and positions as a part of his comprehensive consultations.  This attention to detail helps ensure that the care plan actually addresses the root of the issue.

What Really Matters

Dr. Kundaria believes that training at top institutions and under the guidance of leaders and pioneers in his fields of study does not make a good doctor or surgeon. Attention to detail, good judgment, compassionate care, and active listening are much more important to the care he delivers than his resumé. Though he is eternally thankful to have had the opportunities to study and train where he did, he prides himself more on the ability to connect with people and address their needs in a unique way, and with a sense of humor.

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Nuance Facial Plastics

309 S Sharon Amity Rd, Ste 202

Charlotte, NC 28211

(704) 593-6802

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