Non Surgical Rhinoplasty, or “liquid rhinoplasty” refers to nasal augmentation with the use of dermal fillers. Using fillers in the nose is not the same as elsewhere on the face because there are unique anatomic and functional considerations when dealing with the nose. It can be performed as an in office procedure similar to other dermal fillers, and patients are typically happy with the fast results and minimal downtime. Results may last for well over one year, or even longer, as the filler lasts longer in the nose compared to other parts of the face.

Straightened profile with a non-surgical rhinoplasty

A Delicate Procedure

Too much bulk in a part of the nose that does not have adequate support can lead to nasal airway problems, and using fillers in certain areas can lead to problems because the blood supply can be compromised. As the risks are higher than with fillers used elsewhere in the face, it is important that the practitioner performing the liquid rhinoplasty is experienced with both non-surgical rhinoplasty as well as surgical rhinoplasty.  This ensures safety, and also that the limitations of each method to treat the nose are respected.

Real Patient Cases

In the examples below, we have patients that wanted subtle modification of their nasal profiles.  The first patient had a prominent hump on the profile view, and her nasal profile was straightened out with a non surgical rhinoplasty.  The second patient wanted more projection to her nose and nasal bridge, which was achieved using Restylane.  The third patient also had a subtle hump seen in pictures that she wanted to address, and had great results with a subtle augmentation above the hump using a liquid rhinoplasty.

Dr. Kundaria offers a complementary touch-up within one month from injection date.

patient picture after non surgical rhinoplasty for humppatient picture after non surgical rhinoplasty for hump
Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty Hump Reduction AfterNon-Surgical Rhinoplasty Hump Reduction After
patient picture after non surgical rhinoplasty bridgepatient picture after non surgical rhinoplasty bridge

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