Have you ever tried to research how much it would cost to get laser hair removal?  We look into prices before buying computers, phones, and a lot of other material goods, as well as services, such as haircuts, oil changes, and massages.  People post prices online, or nicely tell you how much something will cost if you call them, if not entice you to come by showing you how their service differs from others. 

Look up laser hair removal prices, and you have a totally different experience.  Trying to find out how much laser hair reduction costs makes shopping for a gently used car seems fun.  What you can easily find is what percentage off you get!  Yay!  I have no idea how much it’ll cost, but knowing that it is 95% off makes me feel SO much better.  

Jos. A. Banks

The only parallel I can think of that is as hard to figure out is suit shopping for men.  If you’re in the market, you come across several major brands with good reputations.  You may even be enticed along the way by Jos. A. Banks.  They have such a huge selection of suits!  Every color imaginable!  And by the way, they are ALWAYS on sale, so good luck figuring if “75% Off” is a better deal today than the “Buy 1, get 3 FREE!!” from last week.  Look up the listed price, and you see HUGELY inflated prices, which I don’t think any human being has ever paid, given that they are ALWAYS on sale.  There is even a class action lawsuit taking place because of the sham “Regular” prices.  To quote the lawsuit, “These purported free apparel promotions and discount offers are false because the referenced ‘regular’ price is, in each instance, fabricated and inflated…”

Beyond Laser Hair Prices

Laser Hair Removal prices are important.  The comparisons in pricing should be taken in context, however.  Laser hair reduction is a medical procedure, and the skill of the practitioner performing the service is the key.  The laser is the tool used, but the practitioner is the one that delivers the service.  A skilled laser hair practitioner can use settings and techniques to minimize risks while still focusing on what you went for – lasting removal of hair.  

An unscrupulous practitioner can use minimal settings, which minimizes risks, but also may minimize results.  A person being treated would never know the difference between this and a real treatment.  And the solution to this?  More treatments!  Who pays for more treatments?  You!  This is why the practitioner’s reputation and reliability should be the main consideration of choosing a provider, not just cost. 

Back to Laser Hair Removal Prices

When we started offering Laser Hair Reduction at Nuance Facial Plastics, we decided to use market rates based on what people actually ended up paying for their services and post these online.  We believe that posting these prices benefits our patients so that they know what to expect.  

This is only a part of the story, however, because the skin type, hair color, and hair texture determine how much reduction in hair growth you can expect after 6 treatments.  A package of 6 treatments will get different people with different results.  This is why an in-person discussion about candidacy and expectations from a course of treatments is the most important part of the equation.