Hollowing of the temples is one of the early signs of aging in many people, and can also be associated with an “ill” look.  Subtle augmentation of the temples can have a dramatic effect on the “balance” of a face.  When viewed from the front, concave, or scalloped, temples transition to the cheekbone, and then usually convex cheeks.  Flattened to slightly full temples can restore facial harmony to a more youthful contour, and also give a visual “lift” to the face by placing more volume higher in the face.  Though very few patients have ever approached me and asked me to make their temples larger, it is something that comes up frequently during consultations, as people often have complaints about “looking old” or that their “face is falling”, rather than seeing their hollow temples as the cause of these issues.
My preferred treatment for hollow temples is Sculptra, as traditional dermal fillers (like Restylane, Juvederm, Radiesse, and Versa) tend to not last as long when injected into the temples.  This is because the temporalis muscle is here, and fillers do not last very long when injected into areas of motion, and in the temples, the injection is literally into a muscle!  Sculptra, on the other hand, builds collagen and can do this when injected into fat or muscle.  You get a more natural result that lasts for 2-4 years, a duration that you cannot get using any other material.
I personally saw a patient that got Juvederm Voluma, which lasts for 2 years in the cheeks, with results that only lasted 1-2 months when used in the temples.  I do not expect any filler to last very long when used in the temples, but on rare occasions have done this treatment when patients have understood the downsides of it.
Sculptra does not give results overnight, however, and takes multiple treatments to get the best result, which you typically see 3-6 months after the last treatment.  If there was an instant option that had the same duration and feels as Sculptra, then it would be a winner.  
Sculptra, if only the temples are treated, could take 2-3 vials, with one vial per treatment, and one treatment per month.  Though the results take several weeks to become visible, I believe good results are worth waiting for, and expensive mistakes (like using other fillers in the temples), are best avoided.

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