Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) is similar to laser technology, but instead of consisting of a single wavelength, is made up of several wavelengths, and delivered in short controlled pulses which control the depth of penetration into the skin. IPL has many applications, ranging from hair removal, acne treatment, and improvement in melasma, and skin rejuvenation. This versatility comes from varying the spectrum of light delivered using filters and the duration of the pulse.

In our practice, the most commonly used applications are the treatment of redness of the skin (rosacea), and pigmented age spots (dyschromia), as these conditions can be treated as quick in-office procedures with no down time. Certain vascular lesions, such as angiomas and telangectasias, can also respond well to IPL treatments depending on their size. The number of treatments required for any of the conditions above depends on how the skin responds to the treatment, with our typical patient getting treated for rosacea undergoing a series of 4-6 treatments separated by 4 weeks each.

Another benefit of IPL treatment is treatment of fine wrinkles or mild skin laxity. The short duration of pulsed light (and heat) energy delivered to the superficial skin has been shown to stimulate collagen and elastin production in the skin which improve the skin’s volume and texture. The areas best targeted with this therapy are the fine wrinkles around the eyes and mouth.

At Nuance Facial Plastics, all treatments are performed by Dr. Summit Kundaria, in contrast to many other providers, where IPL treatments are typically done by aestheticians or nurses.

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"I recently had an Adam's apple reduction procedure with Dr. Kundaria. From the consultation, Dr. Kundaria and his staff were incredibly welcoming and very knowledgeable about my procedure; he answered all my questions thoroughly and honestly. The results and recovery from my procedure aligned with everything he told me and I couldn't as for better results! I highly recommend visiting Nuance Facial Plastics to anyone looking for an excellent doctor and amazing results!"