Purified botulinum neurotoxin is available in three preparations in the USA, as the brands Botox, Dysport, and Xeomin.  These neurotoxins, also known as neuromodulators, help to block the transmission of nerve impulses to muscles.  Their effect is at the site where the nerve meets the muscle, with the first results  seen within two days, and the maximum effect becoming apparent after 12 days.  Each treatment can last for up to six months.

Many of the wrinkles and lines in the skin are due to muscle insertions into the skin, and temporarily weakening the muscles can treat those lines. If they are treated before they form an etched line in the skin, it can prevent this process. Existing lines, such as forehead furrows, can be improved by treatment.

The goal of treatment is to “smooth”, not “freeze”, the upper face, and leave enough activity to show emotion while easing muscle tone (and mass).

Common Areas to Treat with Botox, Dysport, and Xeomin

Treating frown lines, or “scowl lines”, or “11s”, with neurotoxins is fast, safe, and simple.  As the action of these muscles is to lower the part of the eye brow that is closer to the midline, relaxing these muscles raises this part of the brow.  Many patients feel “refreshed” after the muscles around their eyes relax and feel like a weight has been lifted off of their face.

Another common area to treat are the horizontal forehead lines or furrows.  These are caused by the action of the frontalis muscle on the skin, and selective paralysis of this muscle can prevent the furrows from pulling on the skin until it has permanent etching of lines into this skin.

Crow’s feet are the bunching of skin between the eyes and ears that get accentuated when you smile.  The muscle responsible for the crow’s feet, the orbicularis oculi muscle, also depresses, or “pulls down”, the outer aspect of the eye brow.  Selective paralysis of this muscle can both smoothe out the crow’s feet, and can also raise the eye brows.

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