Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty

Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty refers to nasal augmentation with the use of dermal fillers. Using fillers in the nose is not the same as elsewhere on the face because there are unique anatomic and functional considerations when dealing with the nose. It can be performed as an in office procedure similar to other dermal fillers, and patients are typically happy with the fast results and minimal downtime. Results may last for 24 months, or even longer, as the filler lasts longer, as the nose has less motion than the cheeks or mouth.

Too much bulk in a part of the nose that does not have adequate support can lead to nasal airway problems, and using fillers in the tip can lead to vascular compromise because its blood supply can be compromised. As the risks are higher than with fillers used elsewhere, it is important that the practitioner is experienced with non-surgical rhinoplasty, and preferable that they are experienced with surgical rhinoplasty.


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