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Eyelid Lifts

The eyes play a central role in facial communication, expressing your mood, feelings and history. Changes in the eyelids and surrounding soft tissue over time can lead to a “tired” or “sad” look. These processes, which also prematurely age in the face, can be rejuvenated and given more “rested” and “fresh” look.


Today more women and men are considering a facelift to help restore their face to more youthful appearance. No longer do you have to worry about having a “plastic” or pulled look. That was one of the concerns of the facelifts of the old Dr. Kundaria’s facelift patients tell us that their family and friends say they look like themselves, but more youthful and refreshed and vibrant.


The nose is central, literally and figuratively, to facial balance and aesthetics. Rhinoplasty can involve subtle reduction of a bump or bulbousness of the tip, to more involved procedures with grafting. It is a unique procedure tailored to each patient’s desires and is best done by a surgeon with experience. One size never fits all, and we look forward to addressing your personal goals in your unique context.


The fact that we can now “maintain” ourselves from a young age has seen a rise in the fitness, nutrition, beauty, and cosmetic treatments industries. It is the philosophy of Dr. Kundaria and the treatment specialists at Nuance Facial Plastics to only use treatments that have long standing track record of being effective and safe. We provide a whole range of non-surgical services, including laser rejuvenation, to help you continue to feel your best.

Our mission is to provide the ultimate in holistic and comprehensive treatments.

We will work in partnership with our patients to achieve realistic and natural results, in a safe manner, for all aesthetic and reconstructive conditions of the face, eyes and neck.

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"Dr. Kundaria and his staff are wonderful. They always give you their undivided attention and make you feel like the most important person on their case load. The office is very modern and beautiful. I was most impressed with the post-op care and attention. The results from my surgery are better than I expected and the attention to detail was exceptional. I highly recommend Nuance Facial Plastics!"